Petty Creek Ranch uses a unique mentoring process that allows us to relate to each child and to identify their individual strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.


Most of the young men who arrive at Petty Creek Ranch have received previous clinical treatment or counseling services that have had little to no effect on their behavior. Although traditional treatment methods are important elements to any system of care for struggling teens, we believe that mentoring services act as a vital supplement to treatment that helps each child implement lessons gained from counseling. It is by coaching and role-modeling that our staff are able to redirect maladaptive behavior and to help each child realize that positive change is possible.


We believe that the best example of mentoring at-risk teens can be found with the story of St. John Bosco, known as the “Father and Teacher of Youth,” who claimed the secret to effecting change in juvenile delinquents lie in getting them “to love you,” which is only possible if you “love the boys first.” Staff at Petty Creek Ranch are asked to “love” our clients in the sense of caritas, or charity, which consists in serving the individual needs of each child in a way that balances discipline and friendship. In doing so, our staff are able to create therapeutic alliances with our boys that are based on building positive relationships, earning respect, and providing a daily structure that allows them to develop into strong men.


Petty Creek Ranch strives to become an extended support system for each young man who enters our program and will work diligently to promote improvements in the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of each client. Our program is designed to provide guidance to the child that just doesn’t seem to “fit” into any typical social context and is in need of individual treatment and one-on-one attention from highly skilled and trained mentors. Whether your son is struggling with substance abuse issues, depression, or low self-esteem, or if he feels isolated and angry while navigating through the difficult years of adolescence, our approach will always be to absorb his woundedness with a sincere compassion and to serve his needs with an earnest humility.


The mission of Petty Creek Ranch is to promote the holistic growth and improve the lives of struggling teenage boys who are at-risk of delinquency or addiction, without regard to their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, cultural background, or religious belief.


The young men who come to Petty Creek Ranch will live in a remote cabin that is located on a wooded property that borders Lolo National Forest, which being over 2 million acres in size, is one of the largest forest systems in the continental United States. With direct access to untouched wilderness areas as well as the famous Alberton Gorge, a 16-mile section of the Clark Fork River that holds some of the best whitewater in Montana, Petty Creek Ranch offers our boys a chance to experience an exciting yet simplified mountain lifestyle while in our care.


Petty Creek Ranch is a faith-based youth program that promotes the spiritual growth and moral development of the struggling teens who are in our care. As a Catholic organization, we advocate Christian principles and encourage each child to develop a personal prayer life and relationship with a Higher Power. We will not attempt to “convert” your child but believe that the Christian message will help your son overcome anger and bitterness, improve his obedience and humility, and teach him how to practice forgiveness.

Petty Creek Ranch accepts teens of all religious backgrounds and has a deep admiration and respect for the diverse spiritual practices of the clients we serve. We begin each day with a group reading of selected scriptural passages that are discussed to help the boys realize the presence of a Higher Power that is active in their lives. As many of the boys we work with are embedded in a culture of self-gratification, we find that participation in daily prayer provokes a thought process and personal examination that helps them develop an honest integrity and ability to exercise self-restraint.

In our view, traditional 12-step programs are effective for this very reason, as they enable participants to focus on the fundamental relationship between self and God, which discourages secrecy, selfishness, and impulsive behavior. Themes of “promptly admitting fault” and of “making amends to those we have wronged” are pro-social principles that have a basis in Christianity. Petty Creek Ranch uses in our substance abuse program the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous. To learn more about these steps please click the button below.




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