Petty Creek Ranch is designed to be a long-term residential program for struggling teens. We truly believe that 9-18 months is the ideal timeframe in which at-risk teens are able to go through a process of change that is permanent and authentic, as many young men who enter residential programs such as ours are often resistant to treatment and must let go of anger, a need for control, and an attachment to the defiant and “edgy” identity they seem to hold in such esteem. As the starting point to correcting maladaptive behavior includes both developing a cooperative attitude and inspiring a desire to change, this initial phase is often the most difficult because it requires the struggling teen to accept and adjust to living in a new setting as well as their ability to develop interpersonal relationships with our mentors.


Once the at-risk teen is able to trust and respect the mentors who are working with him, he will begin to assimilate into a new culture that provides an opportunity for him to develop a new sense of self, to assess and question his value system, and to discover the innate need he has to find fulfillment and satisfaction in a social context. This process of learning that he needs his family, healthy friendships that are positive and uplifting, as well as meaning and purpose in his life, requires him to be honest, vulnerable, and able to receive guidance and insight from trained mentors who have a sincere investment in his future and well-being. Added challenges we face when trying to “reach” at-risk teens include their level of maturity and many other emotional/behavioral variables that come into play: we find that the individual’s capacity to forgive or to cope with trauma, for instance, are contingencies that determine the success of treatment and cannot, in most cases, be accomplished in a few weeks.

We believe that long-term residential treatment in a therapeutic milieu is the most effective level of care for struggling teens, as it allows them to undergo this process of radical self-renovation while simultaneously healing and “letting go of old baggage.” Immersion in Petty Creek Ranch’s youth program will allow your son to adopt new behaviors, gain a fresh perspective, and begin experiencing a series of accomplishments that will improve his self-esteem and inspire hope. Our goal in working with the youth is not only to help them find a purpose-driven life but also to mold them into men that have a deep sense of moral responsibility and a concern for the welfare of others. We find that most of the young men who enter our program have an incredibly selfish tendency that manifests itself in a variety of other deviant behaviors; whether it be theft or substance abuse that is causing your son to be a dysfunction at home, the underlying issue involves him allowing his impulsive desires to trump the needs of his family or friends.


Petty Creek Ranch is committed to teaching at-risk teens the skills needed to achieve an appropriate socialization, which often involves them identifying the selfish and narcissistic attitude that propels a repetitive behavioral pattern that is ultimately destructive and interfering with their personal growth and development. For this reason, we include elements of community service and volunteer work into the long-term program, as we believe that teaching them to give of themselves assists not only in perfecting the discipline of self-denial, but also helps them discover a sense of deep personal satisfaction that is often experienced after performing charitable works. In addition, our program is structured in such a way as to create a positive peer culture in which the boys actively help each other grow and overcome their behavioral issues, as our day to day operations rely heavily on teamwork, mutual collaboration, and keeping each other accountable.

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